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E105: Aquaponics for Survival

In this episode, hosts Aaron and Jason discuss Aquaponics with Rex from South Texas Aquaponics.

Growing your food may not seem as exciting as fighting off the zombie hordes, tactical training, or a host of other things. But feeding yourself is one of the very few things that are a daily part of survival–whether in good times or bad.

This is a much debated and discussion in the prepared community. It provides a nearly closed loop system of producing both meat and vegetables. And today we’re happy to have a local guest on to tell us about the basics.

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Aquaponics Topics Discussed:

  • Small systems vs. large systems–which is easier to maintain?
  • How much work are these systems
  • What’s the best fish to use in an aquaponics system
  • Commerical vs. Hobby Aquaponics
  • How to make it profitable–both on a personal and commercial scale
  • …And a whole lot more.

Aquaponics Episode Resources:

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