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Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

Key Chain EDC tools are like crack in the survival and tactical worlds. Among the items on the market are things like screw drivers, lighters, ferro rods, protective capsules, tweezers, and bottle openers (for after the task gets done of course).

But there’s one more that’s especially popular: Mini Pry Bars. And at some point everyone in survival ends up with one on their keychain, at least for a time. Some can be as simple as a miniture pry bar similar to the full size version you might find in a hardware store. Others take on a more versital role with the ability to acomplish more than just prying things open.

And the new Boker Plus Vox Access Tool is definitely in the do more camp…

From the manufacture:

For a long time we have been looking for a good multi-purpose prying tool for the keyring or pocket, and couldn’t find anything satisfying. So we started our own project, together with Jesper Voxnaes. The result is the Boker Plus VAT, which not only comes in handy for prying tasks, but also works great as a bottle opener, nail puller, shackle opener and carabiner. A highlight of this versatile tool is the carbide glass-breaker, which is located between the two protective o-rings. The VAT is crafted of titanium, making it exremely lightweight at less than one ounce! Thickness: 5mm. Overall length: 3 5/8″.

Get it here:

Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

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