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Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set: Not for Hobos

When I was but a wee woodsman, my grandfather introduced me to a Hobo Set. It seemed like a magic wonderment: A spoon, fork, and knife that folded into themselves and combined into one.

Hobo sets haven’t changed much–if at all–since the first time I was introduced to them. They’ve remained simply, straight forward, and devoid of ‘fancy’–until recently.

Baladeo dropped the ‘Hobo’ in lieu of “Eco133 Folding Cutlery Set”. But the change isn’t in name only…

The Eco133 features a can open, bottle opener, and constructed of skeletonized stainless steel. …And weighing in at a feathery 52 grams its a far improvement to the weighty sets of my youth.

Available through Moontrail for $49.

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