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E36: CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

“Doing the most amount of good for the most people.”

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan interview Marni Rosen and Ben Gillis about CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

A few years ago we went through the CERT program with a group of friends after reading about it in Emergency. After completion, the consensus was everyone should do it. The lessons and skills learned are invaluable. It not only shows you what you can do to help in an emergency, but also gives participates a clearer understanding of the job and responsibilities of first responders.

Just like Survival CHI, CERT starts with Community. Rather than isolationism, ITRH is all about building a community of preppers. The more people who are involved, the less people will tax the system and be able to help themselves and others in times of crisis.

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  • What is CERT.
  • CERT Prerequisites.
  • How to get signed up for a CERT course.
  • How to start a CERT group in your area.
  • What is CERT not.


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