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E199: The Last Tribe author Brad Manuel Interview

Interview with author Brad Manual

In this episode, we sit down with author Brad Manuel. He’ll share with us how he crafted a different kind of post-apocalyptic book. There are no super-elite-range-seals. No ninja warriors. Just regular folks trying to survive. But somehow it still caught the attention of the audio publishers of The Martian. So he might just be on to something.

But The Last Tribe isn’t necessarily for everyone for the reasons mentioned above. This is not a high-action prepper book. It’s more about character development and overcoming adversity. And it deals with a few issues few if any, other books in the genre attempt.

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We Discuss:

  • Who is Author Brad Manuel?
  • How did he become an author?
  • Is Brad a prepper?
  • What drew him to writing apocalyptic fiction?
  • Why did a reviewer of his book call it the “Life Time TV” of post-apocalyptic books?
  • Why did he write a book low of violence in a genre dominated by violence?
  • What’s the best advice about making it as an author did Brad ever receive?
  • What’s the best thing Brad has spent, or not spent, money on as a self-published author?

Episode Resources:

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