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E174: Fundamentals of Easy Survival Information Packets

In this episode, we’re going to deconstruct the infamous emergency information packet. And our guest, Justin Carol, is going to translate geek to simple for us to make this easy for even the most technologically inept among us. After this episode, even my mom who still can’t figure out email attachments would be a wizard at preparing and backing up her most sensitive documents.

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Information Packet Topics Discussed:

  • Why is it important to make backups of important documents?
  • What information should preppers, and everyone, backup?
  • What options are available for local backups, and how do you manage those?
  • What are best practices for protecting/encrypting the information you have backed up?
  • Are cloud backup solutions, like Dropbox, a safe way to store important files?
  • Are there ways to make cloud backups more secure?
  • How do you keep up with refreshing the information in your backups?

Resources from this Episode:

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