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E159: How to Choose Camping Gear

Spring is nearly upon us. For many that means they’re getting ready to venture back out into the woods–or they’re wondering out for the first time.

But gear can be expensive and confusing. So in this episode our resident outdoor gear expert, Marshal of, gives us in insider information on your most important pieces of equipment.

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Join us as he answers these camping gear questions:

  • What makes one camping tent better than another?
  • How do you evaluate the best camping tent for a person’s camping needs?
  • Are hammock tents really any good?
  • Are there two-person hammock tents?
  • Can you camp in cold weather with a hammock tent?
  • What are the different types of sleeping bags?
  • Which kind of sleeping bag is right for which kind of situation?
  • Is there a “best” type of sleeping back for all situations?
  • What’s the best type of sleeping pad?
  • And a lot more?

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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