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E101: The ITRH Season II Finale

Hosts Aaron and Jason wrap up Season II with special guest Darrell of

Darrell has been a long time listener and friend to the show. And he’s got way more farming experience than we do. So tune in and enjoy the great tips, fun poked at us, and how a well-endowed duck killed Darrell’s hens.

But wait, someone said Season Finale!

Yes, that’s correct. We’re taking the bulk of the summer off to recharge our prepper batteries. And work on some projects to make Season III even better than I and II. (Crazy, we know.)

ITRH will be airing best of reruns till we return. And when August 26th 2013 rolls around (when Season III starts) we’ll have all kinds of cool interviews, stories, and, of course, urban farming updates.

But in the mean time, don’t forget to listen to this episode now.

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All over the map. But fun and educational as always.

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