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Bow Drill Fire Making

Bow Drill Fire Making 1Bow Drill Fire Making is among the most common of primitive fire making skills. Once mastered, it provides an endless supply of one of the basic necessities of life. Without fire you cannot cook food (ok baring you have a bushel of limes lying around in lieu of fire), warm yourself, and in some cases keep predators at bay. It is also one of the single biggest moral boosters whether you are camping or trying to survive in an unfortunate situation.

Bow Drill Fire Making 2Bow Drills first appeared in Mehrgarh between the 4th-5th centuries. You may be asking why anyone would want to learn such an arcane method of fire production. What are the chances you would need this an Urban Survival situation? There are countless instances anyone of us can end up in a bad situation without a modern method of fire making. However, the bigger message is the more skills you acquire, the less gear, gadgets, and gizmos you rely on. During my first Appleseed Boot Camp the lead instructor repeated something over and over that has stuck with me ever since, “Armatures worry about hardware. Professionals worry about software.”

Bow Drill Fire Making 3This past Spring my girlfriend and I got a chance to learn all about Bow Drill fire making techniques from some real pros. Yes, she totally kicked my butt at it.

Fire making by any primitive means can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right know how, simple materials, and patience, it is a skill that will stick with you for life and provide a deep sense of accomplishment. Plus, it really is a good challenge and darn fun to learn.

Read a step by step explanation:

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