18 08, 2011

Saved By The Seat Of Your Pants

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Preferably, if you find yourself in a sinking boat or an emergency water landing situation, you will have a life preserver. But, what do you do if such luxuries are not available? Turn your clothes into a life jacket. People often make it by the seat of their pants, but I am going to tell [...]

23 02, 2011

Homemade Stretchers

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There are times when you need a stretcher, such as when you need to carry a body (dead or alive) or move a heavy payload. Instead of throwing your back out by carrying the person or items with your bare hands, use a stretcher. A homemade stretcher can be fashioned out of very common items. [...]

16 02, 2011

Makeshift Covers for Tents, Canopies, & Caves

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Some situations in life leave you exposed to the elements and away from pre-built man made shelters. In such situations, knowing how to build a quick shelter can mean the difference between surviving the night or not. There are 3 basic methods that can be erected for your safety and shelter in a matter of [...]

9 02, 2011

Makeshift Sleeping Bags

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Surviving life in today's modern setting can be a real challenge with insurmountable bills, taxes, politics, and sometimes, an annoying neighbor. But, what about real life "“ have you ever been stuck outside in a snow storm? Lost in the wilderness without a cell phone? Or stranded on a sinking boat? In situations like these, [...]