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The ITRH Urban Survival Vodcast

Join us as we discuss survival and preparedness from the standpoint of people that live, work, and thrive in the city.

You are in The Rabbit Hole... Safe and sound.

ITRH Vodcast

204, 2018


April 2nd, 2018|

I've had enough and I just can't take anymore. Last week ITRH joined the #DeleteFacebook groundswell.

204, 2018

E251: Surprising New Perspective on the EMP Nightmare

April 2nd, 2018|

An EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack is one of the top three most feared catastrophes by preppers. It is reported that there will be a 90% population die off in the first year after one occurs. But do we know the truth about EMPs? Arthur Bradley Ph.D., a NASA Scientist, Electrical Engineer, and Certified EMI expert drops by to tell us the truth and destroy the myths.

1903, 2018

E249: 5 Important Lessons from 15 Years in Survivalism Part II

March 19th, 2018|

We pick up where we left off in episode 248. I’ll share 5 more lessons I’ve learned from 15-years in survivalism. Seems a lot of people enjoyed part one of the 5 Important Lessons from 15 Years in Survivalism series. So we're going to keep things rolling with a part II and part III.

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