287 Episodes…
7 Prepper Lessons ebook…
A never before publicly released interview…
6Gigs of EXTRA storage space…
all on one USB drive (just for you)…

  • 16Gig USB Drive

    Even with everything preloaded, there are 6Gigs of additional free space for you to add your emergency information package, important documents, and “special videos” to stave off boredom during the zombie apocalypse.

  • 287 Episodes

    The drive comes with seasons 1 through 7. PLUS, I’m including all of season 8–even the episodes that are recorded but have not aired yet. That’s 287 episodes that took 2,296 hours to produce–(I did the math.) AND at the end of season 8 you’ll receive a link where you can download the rest of 13 to add to your collection.

  • Bonus Never (Publicly) Released Interview

    There was this one recording with a famous knife maker. It was supposed to just be a written interview. But you can’t just destroy a recording of a cool conversation like this.

  • Bonus: 7 Lessons eBook

    We took the seven most popular episodes with the biggest lessons and take-aways, had them each transcribed, and wrapped it all in a beautiful ebook. It’s yours as a bonus.


These will ship out one week after purchase. This gives time to make, test, pack, and ship.

There is no extra shipping charge. To make life simple, shipping is included only on USB drives for US buyers. If you add additional items, normal shipping applies.

If you live OUTSIDE the US, I’ll have to figure out something for you at a later date. Unfortunately, international shipping is complicated since governments are involved.