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    Your fire starting survival hack. This 30 minute video explains and demonstrates 10 ways to start a fire without the use of matches or a lighter. How to start a fire with:
    1. Potassium Permanganate
    2. 9 Volt Battery
    3. Chocolate
    4. Fresnel Lenses
    5. Magnifying Glass
    6. Fire Piston
    7. Magnesium Fire-starter
    8. Fire-steel (a.ka. Ferro Rod)
    9. Potato
    10. Lemon
    Plus learn 6 BONUS primitive fire making techniques:
    1. Hand Drill
    2. Bow Drill
    3. Pump Drill - Egyptian Drill
    4. Two Man Drill
    5. Fire Saw
    6. Fire Plow
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    Your single source for no BS information on building bugout bags, blackout kits, and vehicle kits. This 14-part series  hacks throught the nonsense and explains everything from simple to extreme. Plus, the course comes with smart checklists and downloads so you can stay organized. Included:
    1. Introduction to Survival Kits
    2. Mindsets and Probability
    3. The Basics of BOBs and Survival Kits
    4. What is "Grey"
    5. Gear Essentials Part I
    6. Gear Essentials Part II
    7. Tools
    8. Light
    9. EDC Kits and loadout
    10. Vehicle kits (AKA Get Home Bags)
    11. Vehicle self-rescue kits
    12. Blackout Kits
    13. How to Decide When it's Time to Bug Out
    14. BOBs for TEOTWAWKI
  • * ALL 8 Seasons (300 Episodes)... * 7 Prepper Lessons ebook... * A never before publicly released interview... * 6Gigs of EXTRA storage space... * all on one USB drive (just for you)...
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    Survival Bags, like Bug Out Bags, are one of the most fussed over things by preppers and survivalists. And many of us have a lot of money and time invested in them. New preppers are often left confused about where to start, what to buy, what gear they should get, and what they should be staying away from to avoid failure. The truth is this: Bug Out Bags are one of the most misunderstood things in preparedness. Often, even long time peppers build their bags in the wrong way. So we set out to do something about that... This class will help you:
    • Clear away confusion about bug out bags, car bags, and EDC.
    • Undo bad mindsets around bags for survival.
    • Simplify your gear selection and offer tried and true gear.
    • Keep you from wasting your hard earned cash on stuff you don't need.
    • Dispel myths and bad practices that could endanger your survival.
    • And give you a system of bags rather than dependance on one bag.
    This live webinar is a comprehensive 60 minute class including 30 minute question and answer session. (Or till all class related questions are answered.) It's been painstakingly constructed with over 40 presentation slides designed to pack what you need to know into one class.

    We'll be covering these survival bag topics:

    • Why everyone should have a bug out bag, vehicle kit, and EDC items.
    • What a lot of people get wrong and how to easily correct it
    • What are the basic items every bug out bag should contain
    • What are the basic items every medical kit should contain
    • Gear selections for EDC (Every Day Carry)
    • The minimum load out for vehicle preparedness
    Whether you are new to prep or an old pro, there's a lot to take away from this Survival Bag class. Participants will also receive bonus:
    • Checklists for each of the bags discussed
    • List of gear we personally carry