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Bugout Bag and Survival Kits Class


Your single source for no BS information on building bugout bags, blackout kits, and vehicle kits. This 14-part series  hacks throught the nonsense and explains everything from simple to extreme. Plus, the course comes with smart checklists and downloads so you can stay organized.


  1. Introduction to Survival Kits
  2. Mindsets and Probability
  3. The Basics of BOBs and Survival Kits
  4. What is “Grey”
  5. Gear Essentials Part I
  6. Gear Essentials Part II
  7. Tools
  8. Light
  9. EDC Kits and loadout
  10. Vehicle kits (AKA Get Home Bags)
  11. Vehicle self-rescue kits
  12. Blackout Kits
  13. How to Decide When it’s Time to Bug Out
  14. BOBs for TEOTWAWKI


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