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    Your fire starting survival hack. This 30 minute video explains and demonstrates 10 ways to start a fire without the use of matches or a lighter. How to start a fire with:
    1. Potassium Permanganate
    2. 9 Volt Battery
    3. Chocolate
    4. Fresnel Lenses
    5. Magnifying Glass
    6. Fire Piston
    7. Magnesium Fire-starter
    8. Fire-steel (a.ka. Ferro Rod)
    9. Potato
    10. Lemon
    Plus learn 6 BONUS primitive fire making techniques:
    1. Hand Drill
    2. Bow Drill
    3. Pump Drill - Egyptian Drill
    4. Two Man Drill
    5. Fire Saw
    6. Fire Plow
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    Your single source for no BS information on building bugout bags, blackout kits, and vehicle kits. This 14-part series  hacks throught the nonsense and explains everything from simple to extreme. Plus, the course comes with smart checklists and downloads so you can stay organized. Included:
    1. Introduction to Survival Kits
    2. Mindsets and Probability
    3. The Basics of BOBs and Survival Kits
    4. What is "Grey"
    5. Gear Essentials Part I
    6. Gear Essentials Part II
    7. Tools
    8. Light
    9. EDC Kits and loadout
    10. Vehicle kits (AKA Get Home Bags)
    11. Vehicle self-rescue kits
    12. Blackout Kits
    13. How to Decide When it's Time to Bug Out
    14. BOBs for TEOTWAWKI