You’ve often heard the expression no one want’s to see how sausage is made–no doubt. However, the making of our reviews would not be akin.

When we first started doing reviews there was ground rules laid out. First rules what we consider the basic ethics of doing survival gear reviews.


  • If the product was something we were going to buy anyway we still do.¬†We don’t ask for or accept discounts in these cases either.
  • Often we get survival gear (for free) we didn’t necessarily want personally. We except these products and requests for review. Then we return them.
  • We don’t do advertorials. This means companies can’t buy favorable reviews. Nor can they buy unfavorable reviews of competitor’s products for that matter.
  • We don’t do favorable reviews for friends. We have made a lot of friends that are writers and manufacture’s. For them, we offer our opinions on a personal basis. If we do a review, we proceed as if we didn’t know them.
  • Even if we can’t stand the person that made the product, we leave personal differences out of our reviews. We let their products and company’s customer service stand on its own.


  1. We put products through their manufacturer’s intended paces.
  2. We specifically test manufacturer claims.
  3. We put products through want we deem to be reasonable and foreseeable accidents.
  4. We do not put products through unreasonable tests*.

* Unreasonable Tests
Some product reviewers like to really abuse what they review–fun and understandable. It’s pretty exciting to watch or read about. Our reviews–while still entertaining–are not meant to destroy a product. They are meant to see if the piece of gear in question can meet expectations and live up to manufacturer claims.

We are firm believers in taking care of the gear we use. For instance: you wouldn’t chop through a brick with a chef’s knife and neither would we. So we stick with what the product was intended for and claims made by the manufacturer. If they said a survival knife could chop through a steel pipe we’d try it. Otherwise, there’re pipe cutters for that…