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E280: Hack How To Live Off-Grid The Best

E280: Hack How to Live Off-Grid The Best

Gary Collins of The Simple Life drops in to update us on his off-grid home project. We’ll learn how good life can be in a modern off-grid home for those who don’t want to live like a caveman or pioneer.

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We’ve followed Gary’s journey for some time now. He’s shared with us the trials and tribulations of finding property, the construction process, and everything in between.

But what is it really like to live off the grid in a home? And how many concessions were made and modern conveniences did he give up to live off the grid?

The answer is this: You might be surprised. Granted, Gary wasn’t trying to build his off-grid home on a tiny budget. He saved and did a decent amount of work himself. (Though, a lot of the work he put in was due to shady contractor practices.)

However, his budget wasn’t unreasonable or out of line with normal house prices. It just required foresight, planning, patience, and a good dose of reality.

Live Off-grid Like a Normal Human:

  • Why build a disconnected home
  • Dealing with the city
  • Did he do it for the Polar Bears
  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Day-to-day life
  • Planning and purchasing the right household appliances
  • The hardest part
  • The easiest part
  • Surprises of living off the grid
  • What happens if you ever needed to sell a home like this
  • Gary going on a speaking tour
  • What’s next?

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