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E206: Gary Collins Shares How to Build an Off-grid Home

In this episode, Gary Collins is back with more off-grid home shenanigans, misadventures, and advice. You’ll get the ins and outs for when you’re ready to build out that perfect bug out location.

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Bug Out Locations and retreat cabins usually can’t be grid-tied due to their remote nature. And most preppers would rather their home away from home be self-sufficient should SHTF.

But going Off-grid isn’t as easy as TV makes it look. There are lots of things to consider, building contractors aren’t often well versed in the materials or techniques, and permitting can be a nightmare. And sourcing the building materials and alternative energy equipment isn’t always as straightforward as one might think.

Fortunately, Garry shares his experiences, advice, do’s and don’ts, and a whole lot more on what it takes to build an off-grid bug out retreat. He’s got some much knowledge on the topic; he even wrote a book about it.

Off-Grid Home Topics Discussed:

  • Why someone would want to build an off-grid home
  • Why every off-grid home project is different
  • Finding water and drilling wells on a remote building site
  • Balancing remote with convenient when considering rural and remote homes
  • The hardest part of building a home note tied into the grid
  • Dealing with bad building contractors
  • How to find great building contractors
  • What is ICF Brick and how do you build with it
  • Using solar to power your home
  • Incorporating wind turbines for electricity generation
  • The hydro-electric bug out location consideration
  • Why you probably won’t be able to get all your electricity needs from one alternative power generation source
  • How to set up security on a remote rural property
  • Security cameras for bug out locations
  • His book: Going Off the Grid

Resources from this episode:

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