Water Storage

Episode 95: ITRH Farm Update & New Project

Hosts Aaron and Jason give an update to the urban farm project and discuss the debut of a huge new project. Listen now...

Episode 86: Prepared in 7 Days

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss how to get prepared quickly, how fast is too fast to prepare, common mistakes, and the lessons from experience. Listen now...

Episode 50: Preparing for 2012

The time to act is now. The begging of the year is a perfect time to go over the basics of preparing and advanced survival topics. Listen now...

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Friday Gear Report: 7/08/11

Water is one of the most essential items needed for survival. After a disaster, clean drinkable water can be extremely difficult to come by.

Large water storage tanks litter the market. Few address the survival and preparedness community directly. The SuperTanker 250 and 125, on the other hand, are specifically designed for preparedness minded people.

The SuperTanker […]

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Episode 10: Food Storage Basics

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss the basics of storing food and consumables. Rational preparedness is about doing things that improve your life in good times too.

Water Collection, Purification, & Storage in an Urban Environment

In the event of a catastrophe, whether natural or man-made, water is perhaps one of the most crucial elements lacking in an urban setting. Earthquakes can disrupt water mains, or water treatment plants can be shut down or destroyed, leaving us with only the water we have in bottles and storage. Careful planning and forethought can help you maintain a sufficient supply of water when natural sources such as streams and lakes are unavailable. […]

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