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Video Episode 67: How to Pick Survival Gear

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss picking the best survival gear. Watch now...

Episode 116: Flashlights & Gear

In this episode Aaron interviews Marshall of GoingGear.com.... on flashlights. Yes! A whole episode dedicated to flashlights. Listen now...

Episode 67: Survival Gear

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss picking survival gear. Listen now...

Friday Gear Report: 3/09/12

The Trucker’s Friend looks more like it should be named the Zombie’s Enemy… Billed as an all-purpose all-in-one tool it mashes an axe, hammer, nail puller, spanner, try bar, and tire chain hook into one 12-inch tool.

I wonder how long it will take till we see the Trucker’s Friend make an appearance in a Zombie […]

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Episode 51: 1 Year Anniversary

Host Aaron and Jonathan are joined by Jason and Jeep to discuss lessons learned from the past year and what to expect going forward...

Meet Kitanica: Exoskeletons for Humans

Kitanica, “Exoskeletons for Humans”,¬†manufacturers some of the most rugged and interesting ¬†jackets and pants on the market. They are probably the farthest thing from “grey”, but they are very “tacticool”.
Mark IV

From Kitanica:
Made famous by co-host Adam Savage while worn on “Myth Busters” the MARK IV is designed to be as durable as possible. It is […]

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