Survival Mindset

Episode 78: Survival CHI

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss Survival CHI and its origins. If you’ve heard it before now is a great time to reflect with wiser ears. If you’re new to the show it’s a great explanation of ITRH’s origins and core philosophy…

Survival CHI is the foundation of the entire show and blog. It’s the fundamental concept […]

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Episode 76: Effective Survival Partnerships

Are you in danger of ruining your friendship and survival partnership? Your host Aaron breaks down building and planning for effective survival partnerships.

A core value of Survival CHI is community. Community can be made up of many. Or just a handful of people–even as little as two. And an important aspect of community is making sure […]

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Episode 73: The Myth of Perfect Survival Solutions

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss the myth of perfect survival solutions. And how the pursuit can damage your preparedness going forward…

Whether you’re new to survival or if you are many years along, focusing on perfection often leaves survivalists chasing their own tail. It becomes a never ending quest that can lead to going over budget […]

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Episode 72: Preparedness, Self-Reliance, & Self-Sufficiency

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss the differences between preparedness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency along with why the distinctions are important.

Have you ever stopped to think about what divides preparedness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency? At first it seems like pure mental musings. But understanding where we are helps us define where we’re going…

By defining and understanding core concepts–preparedness, self-reliance, and […]

Episode 70: New to Preparedness and ITRH

What do we do starting out when new to survival and preparedness? And what is it we’re trying to survive?

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss survival mindsets for the new survivalist. These are the sources that all preparation starts from.

Also, they welcome new listeners and explain what the ITRH Urban Survival Podcast  is all about. Then […]

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