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4 05, 2012

Rokon Trail-Breaker: Ultimate Survival Motorcycle

By | May 4th, 2012|Friday Survival Gear Reports|0 Comments

Meet the Rokon Trail-Breaker, a 2-wheel drive motorcycle that will go places you may not even want to go yourself. With high ground clearance (15 in) and wide tractor type tires, the Rokon will happily climb rocky terrain or swim through knee deep water. Weighing in at only 218lbs, and because of the tire width, the [...]

20 04, 2012

Pal V: Emergency Escape Vehicle

By | April 20th, 2012|Friday Survival Gear Reports|0 Comments

If Neil Strauss' Gyrocopter from Emergency got you considering one for your own bug out plans, we've got just the thing for you today. Meet the Pal V: A one seat three-wheeled gyroplane that drives like a sports car on the ground. In minutes it transforms and can take to the air to fly up [...]

22 07, 2011

Friday Gear Report: 7/22/11

By | July 22nd, 2011|Friday Survival Gear Reports|0 Comments

How about a knife designed by one of the pivotal people from Emergency who taught Neil Strauss how to survive. Kevin Reeve, of onPoint Tactical, recently released a knife in conjunction with TOPS Knives known as the onPoint. Survival knives are a difficult breed to design. They must meet the needs for many jobs, hold [...]

28 03, 2011

Episode 9: The Most Important Survival Skill

By | March 28th, 2011|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|1 Comment

The Most Important Survival Skill

7 02, 2011

Episode 2: Mistakes We Made Starting Off and How To Avoid Them

By | February 7th, 2011|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|4 Comments

In Episode 2 hosts Aaron Frankel and Jonathan Kanarek discuss mistakes they made starting off as new preppers and how to avoid them.

11 09, 2010

CERT: Emergency Response Training For The Masses

By | September 11th, 2010|Survival Skills, Urban Survival Skills|2 Comments

A couple of years ago, after reading Emergency by Neil Strauss, four friends and I enrolled in a CERT Program. It seemed like it would be a good first step on our road to preparedness and a great first step gaining practical Urban Survival Skills. What Is CERT CERT, short for Community Emergency [...]

10 09, 2010

Review Of Emergency By Neil Strauss

By | September 10th, 2010|Reviews, Survival Book Reviews|5 Comments

Five years ago, after another Hurricane, I decided it was time to take the safety of my property and person seriously. For the first couple of years the focus was just on Hurricanes and run of the mill home safety. One day an email came to my inbox announcing that one of my favorite authors [...]

10 09, 2010

Lock Picking: Why Would You Learn It

By | September 10th, 2010|Survival Skills, Urban Survival Skills|1 Comment

Lock Picking is a skill with it's own mystique. To some is takes on a scary even criminal connotation. To others it seems like a neat skill to have. There are tons of sites dealing with Survival that often discuss lock picking. Today I am not going to discuss the how to, but instead the [...]