Episode 115: Ferguson, Police Militarization, and Liberty

In this episode we get an officer’s view of Ferguson, police militarization, get sprayed in the face with pepper spray by our friends, fight the war on drugs, and discuss tactical man boobs.

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Episode 91: Libertarian Rant & Surviving the Next Four Years

In this episode Aaron and Jonathan deliver a post election Libertarian rant, surviving the next four years, and some topics guaranteed to piss some of you off.

Liberty is the cornerstone of survival. And in this post election cycle many people are concern (if not terrified) about what the next four years means for their survival.

But […]

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Episode 83: My Lemonad Stand

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss starting, building, and growing a business.

There’s been much to do recently about small businesses. Children’s lemonade stands have become a big symbol of that sentiment, in particular.

But what does it really take to open a business? How do we avoid the common pitfalls that lead to failure in business? …And […]

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Individual Liberty

Like many of you, I’m finding it more and more difficult to avoid political conversation.  Or maybe a more accurate statement would be; I’m engaging more directly in political conversation. You see, up until very recently, I would’ve said that my views were in line with most of the people I’m close to.  I would […]

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