Disaster Psychology

The psychological component in surviving a disaster or catastrophic situation can’t be denied. Disaster psychology is something we should all understand, in order to avoid making a mistake that can kill us. The psychological effects of disasters can incapacitate those who aren’t prepared, and they will simply give up. As an urban survivalist, you owe it to yourself to learn what emotional reactions to expect and to understand the psychology of disaster. When you maintain your disaster mental health, you give yourself and your family the best chance of surviving whatever comes.

Review: The Survival Template

October 5, 2011

 When The Survival Template first arrived on my desk, I was a little put off by what looked like nothing more than a pamphlet. How can a survival book of any worth be so slim? With little faith I began to read and was quickly astonished. The second thing that struck me about The Survival Templatewas […]

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Contagion, A Prepper’s Movie Review

September 28, 2011

Contagion is a new movie with a high powered cast about the spread of a viral pandemic. It shows the expanding viral epidemic from a number of perspectives and will make any prepper think. A pandemic is something preppers should be thinking about. In the disaster matrix, it is probably the most devastating thing that […]

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Bikers, Cannibals, and Fornicators! Oh my!

August 31, 2011

Patriots is a novel by Former U.S. Army intelligence officer and lifelong survivalist James Wesley Rawles. The story has existed in various forms and delivery methods since roughly 1995. It is probably one of the top five most discussed books within the Survivalist Community today. It’s by far the most hotly debated book on the […]

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Episode 23: TEOTWAWKI Discussions

June 27, 2011
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In this weeks episode hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss their opinions about  TEOTWAWKI. Special Notice: We now have an ITRH Urban Survival Forum. Join today and come be part of the community. Topics: Why Aaron and Jonathan joke about Zombies. The pitfalls of focusing on TEOTWAWKI. The Disaster Probability and Commonality Matrix. Fallacies of the Horde. […]

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Situational Awareness and Normalcy Bias

March 1, 2011

How often would you say you get “caught off guard?” In an everyday context, this could be as harmless as reaching for your coffee mug without looking and spilling it on your carpet, or as serious as failing to notice an oncoming car as you step out into the street. These mistakes are easy to […]

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Episode 1: Knee Jerk Reactions & Joos Orange

January 31, 2011
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Join us for the first official episode! Today we discuss Knee Jerk reactions. Recent events have, unfortunately, leant themselves to a discussion on how being reactionary is bad for the country and in prepping. Today’s Topics Topic 1 – Knee Jerk Reactions Recent events as example of Knee Jerk Reactions Knee Jerk in prep NOTE: […]

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Review Of The Unthinkable

September 10, 2010
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The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley definitely added to my understanding of how people react in disasters. The writing could be better, but overall it was an interesting book and a decent enough read. Whenever I come across a book that deals largely with the psychology of crisis, violence, survival, or anything related, I jump at […]

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