Blackout Kit

Episode 50: Preparing for 2012

The time to act is now. The begging of the year is a perfect time to go over the basics of preparing and advanced survival topics. Listen now...

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Episode 21: Preparing For Hurricanes

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss preparing for Hurricanes. Listeners not affected by Hurricanes will find the episode useful when preparing for sever weather.


Simple technologies for staying on top of bad weather.
Blackout Kits
Attic Kits
Storing water.
Storing food.
Tips for preparing your home for hurricane season.
Considerations for your vehicles in hurricane season.
Gasoline “copy canning” and storage.
Pet considerations in hurricane preparations.


How […]

Episode 16: Survival Bags

There are a million and more items one can choose to put in their survival bags. Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss the basics of the most important survival bags: BOB, EDC, and Car Bag.


Bug Out Bags
EDC Bags (Every Day Carry)
Car Bags
When you might not need to take a BOB with you everywhere you go.
Tips for using […]

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Episode 2: Mistakes We Made Starting Off and How To Avoid Them

In Episode 2 hosts Aaron Frankel and Jonathan Kanarek discuss mistakes they made starting off as new preppers and how to avoid them.

Topic 1 – Mistakes

The downfall of focusing on gear instead of skill.
Start off right by preparing for the most likely.

Red Cross
Books and Videos

Topic 2 – Blackout Kit

Items list

Show Resources

Hoods Woods Urban Master DVDs
Survival […]

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How To Build A Blackout Kit

If a blackout or emergency arises in the middle of the night, will you be prepared? Outages that leave you in the dark can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. Aside from outfitting your home with a generator, one of the best things you can do to mitigate issues that arise during a blackout is to […]

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