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The ITRH Urban Survival Podcast

Join us as we discuss survival and preparedness from the standpoint of people that live, work, and thrive in the city.

You are in The Rabbit Hole. Safe and sound.

2703, 2017

E211: Surviving a Terrorist Attack in The Borrowed World

March 27th, 2017|

In this episode, we sit down with author Franklin Horton to discuss his book series The Borrowed World. It’s a story about an everyday non-super-ninja guy who finds himself far from home and surviving a terrorist attack and it's crippling effects. And the book wrestles with something many of us worry about: What if SHTF while I'm traveling?

1302, 2017

E206: How to Build an Off-grid Home

February 13th, 2017|

In this episode, Gary Collins is back with more off grid shenanigans, misadventures, and advice. You'll get the ins and outs for when you're ready to build out that perfect bug out location.