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E214: An EMP Attack on the United States with Author Cal Wilson

EMP Attack with author Cal Wilson
In this episode, we sit down with Cal Wilson. He’s an attorney by day and a prepper author by night. We discuss his new book about an EMP attack and life afterward. If you think this is just another EMP book, you may be in for a surprise. Tigers and Gorillas included at no extra charge.

EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses) is now and have been for a while, a hot Prepper topics. EMPs as an antagonist are in many ways like Zombies: A perfect villain with all the pitfalls needed to scare the crap out of you. And they present a wonderland of problems to contend with.

But, unlike Zombies, EMPs are this side of catastrophes that are possible. The technology, will, and opportunity exists.

Most of the serious and balanced minds in prep have long since considered an EMP to be an outlier scenario, however. While the tech and will exists, the technological hurdles have long been considered too great for most aggressors.

Cal Wilson sides with William R. Forstchen and others. And he shows us all the ways an EMP attack isn’t just possible, but probably, in his latest work: E.M.P.: The End Of The Grid As We Know It (All At Once Book 1)

EMP Attack Topics Discussed:

  • Who is author Cal Wilson
  • How he came to writing
  • Why Cal chose EMP Attacks as the antagonist for his most recent book
  • The history of EMP Attack research
  • What zoo animals have to do with TEOTWAWKI
  • The current state of research on the topic
  • What will happen to Nuclear Power plants after an attack
  • Preparing for life after an EMP Attack



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  1. Dave April 19, 2017 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    Hey Aaron! This episode was incredibly timely and coincidental for me as I have been contemplating and working on the premise you and Cal discussed regarding the after effects from an EMP on nuclear power plants. All of the works I’ve read out there, my stuff included, where an EMP has occurred, sell the readers short because most do NOT discuss fallout from a power plant that melts down, ala Fukushima. Great interview, downloaded Cal’s book while I listened to the show. Looking forward to speaking with you again once I finish these three books I am currently writing

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