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E184: Bacon Farming with Devon Porter

In this episode, we welcome back Author Devon Porter. But today we won’t be discussing  dystopian fiction. Instead, he shares with use all the delicious good news of growing your own bacon and become a pig farmer.

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Pig Farming episode topics covered:

  • Why would a prepare or homesteader want to raise pigs?
  • Which breeds of pigs are the best?
  • What is the easiest breed of pig to raise for the hobbyist?
  • What is a basic setup to get started with pig farming?
  • Do pigs really need wallows?
  • What kind of fencing do pigs need?
  • What does a hobby pig farmer use for pig feed?
  • How can a small pig farmer get into selling pork?
  • Should you ever name your pigs?
  • What are the ins and outs of breeding pigs?
  • At what age should your harvest your pigs?

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