Survival Skills

Reptiles as Survival Food

The following two-part article considers the procurement of reptiles, in this case snakes, for sustenance.  First is an excerpt from THE CAVE AND THE SEA, A NOVEL, by John A. Heatherly, followed by the most outstanding resource information we could find.  Enjoy the story and please do not miss the reference material at the end!”
75 […]

Handcuff Keys as Survival Gear

Handcuff Keys as survival gear?

The following excerpt from THE CAVE AND THE SEA, by John A. Heatherly, considers the use of Escape Tools as part of a survival kit.  Enjoy the story and please do not miss the reference material at the end!
… His face was smarting from the strike […]

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Friday Gear Report: 4/06/2012

Let’s face it, if the world collapses tomorrow you may want a drink. But aside from wanting to take the edge off, there are other good reasons to learn about alcohol production: medical and barter.

Unfortunately, as I understand it, alcohol in concentrations higher than typical bear and wine are still illegal to produce thanks to […]

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Episode 58: Survival Information Junky

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan pose the question: Are you a survival information junkie?

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Episode 57: Survival Gear vs Survival Skills

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss survival gear vs survival skill and the place for both.

Episode 55: Planning Survival Strategies

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss planning a survival strategy and give a critique of Doomsday Preppers.

Episode 48: John Heatherly Interview

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan interview John Heatherly--author of The Survival Template.

Ammo Can Restoration

When it comes to storing ammo, used ammo cans really are the best. They stack well, take loose or boxed ammo, and provide protection against sun, rain, and humidity.

There are a couple inherent problems with used ammo cans though. First, the paint is usually chipped or worn off. Second, they may not seal that well […]

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How To Build a Rabbit Hutch

Nearly 8 months ago I embarked on an urban self sufficiency project. While the last few months have been rather quiet, the start was busy. Among the first tasks Jason McConniel and I tackled was building a suspended rabbit hutch complete with automatic watering system.

Using a modified version of the plans from Storey’s Guid to […]

Episode 38: Project Appleseed

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan are joined by Scout of Project Appleseed. Scout gives listeners the ins and outs of what we consider the best traditional marksmanship instruction in the country.

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