Survival Skills

Any good Survivalist knows that the right skills are more important than almost any piece of gear. If you learn the Urban Survival Skills necessary to protect yourself and meet your basic needs, you buy the time to improve your situation. Now, don’t get me wrong, Survival Gear can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. But gear alone isn’t enough – you need to know Survival Techniques and Tactics. One of the goals of this Survival Blog is to educate those who are serious about being prepared for whatever may come. Consider it a Survival School in a way. We write articles and provide information on Disaster Survival, Emergency Survival, even Zombie Survival. (Read the Zombie articles – you’ll get it.) We want people to know How to Survive when the unthinkable happens. Being prepared means knowing as much as you can, and having the Skills to Survive and thrive.

Reptiles as Survival Food

May 9, 2012

The following two-part article considers the procurement of reptiles, in this case snakes, for sustenance.  First is an excerpt from THE CAVE AND THE SEA, A NOVEL, by John A. Heatherly, followed by the most outstanding resource information we could find.  Enjoy the story and please do not miss the reference material at the end!” […]

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Handcuff Keys as Survival Gear

May 2, 2012
Thumbnail image for Handcuff Keys as Survival Gear

Handcuff Keys as survival gear? The following excerpt from THE CAVE AND THE SEA, by John A. Heatherly, considers the use of Escape Tools as part of a survival kit.  Enjoy the story and please do not miss the reference material at the end! Chapter 6 OBSIDIAN AND CEDAR SLASH … His face was smarting […]

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Friday Gear Report: 4/06/2012

April 6, 2012

Let’s face it, if the world collapses tomorrow you may want a drink. But aside from wanting to take the edge off, there are other good reasons to learn about alcohol production: medical and barter. Unfortunately, as I understand it, alcohol in concentrations higher than typical bear and wine are still illegal to produce thanks […]

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Episode 58: Survival Information Junky

March 5, 2012
Survival Information Junky

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan pose the question: Are you a survival information junkie? As with many subjects in life, we can become consumed by the pursuit of knowledge. It can be so much so that we never actually take the time to learn about a skill through physical experience. Physical experience allows us to take […]

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Episode 57: Survival Gear vs Survival Skills

February 27, 2012
Episode 57: Survival Gear vs Survival Skills

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss survival gear vs survival skill and the place for both. People often come into prep and get sticker shock. With the endless sea of survival gear, gadgets, and equipment, survival can seem as though a tremendous amount of money will need to be spent. Preppers also have a tendency–much like anything […]

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Episode 55: Planning Survival Strategies

February 13, 2012
Episode 55: Survival Strategies

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss planning a survival strategy and give a critique of Doomsday Preppers. Doomsday Preppers hits television screens leaving your hosts insulted and entertained. However, there are lessons that can still be learned. After giving their thoughts on the show Aaron and Jonathan segue into developing your survival strategy, questions to ask […]

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Episode 48: John Heatherly Interview

December 19, 2011
John Heatherly Interview

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan interview John Heatherly–author of The Survival Template. Heatherly is a 17-year student of survival through formal survival training. His survival education started with Tom Brown Jr’s Trackerschool after which he went on to graduate from several military Survival Courses. Using his personal experiences gained from his survival training, Heatherly has gone on […]

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Ammo Can Restoration

December 1, 2011

When it comes to storing ammo, used ammo cans really are the best. They stack well, take loose or boxed ammo, and provide protection against sun, rain, and humidity. There are a couple inherent problems with used ammo cans though. First, the paint is usually chipped or worn off. Second, they may not seal that […]

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Episode 43: Survival CHI – Reloaded

November 14, 2011
Survival CHI

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss Survival CHI and its origins. The foundation of the entire show and blog, Survival CHI is what guides it all. It’s what keeps In The Rabbit Hole all about rational practical preparedness. Eight months have passed since Survival CHI was first unveiled and explained. By popular demand it’s back with […]

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How To Build a Rabbit Hutch

November 3, 2011

Nearly 8 months ago I embarked on an urban self sufficiency project. While the last few months have been rather quiet, the start was busy. Among the first tasks Jason McConniel and I tackled was building a suspended rabbit hutch complete with automatic watering system. Using a modified version of the plans from Storey’s Guid […]

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