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For Survival Tips that can inspire you to be better prepared and that could even save your life, check out these Survival Videos. For this section, we provide our take on the content in these videos and whether they’re worth your time to check out. Sometimes viewing a scenario, whether it’s a documentary or fiction, brings us closer to what we can expect to encounter in a Survival Situation. Feel free to comment on our postings and add your own perspective on these Survival Videos. If you’re serious about Urban Survival and preparedness, be sure to check out the entire In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Blog.

Contagion, A Prepper’s Movie Review

September 28, 2011

Contagion is a new movie with a high powered cast about the spread of a viral pandemic. It shows the expanding viral epidemic from a number of perspectives and will make any prepper think. A pandemic is something preppers should be thinking about. In the disaster matrix, it is probably the most devastating thing that […]

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The Colony Season Two Discover Channel

September 10, 2010
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The Colony premiers this July on the Discovery Channel. Personally, I have mixed feelings about last season and am thus hesitant about holding out hopes that this season will be any better. My biggest issue was the stereotypical and unimaginative motorcycle gang. I also felt the show was made overly sensational by introducing to many […]

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