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We review some of our favorite authors and the best Survival Books we’ve come across. We’ve got Book Reviews on topics ranging from Urban Survival and Survival Skills Training to Emergency Management, Disaster Psychology and more. If you want to know which books deserve to be on your Survival Book List, check out our Survival Book Reviews.

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Review: Influence by Robert Cialdini

November 30, 2011

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini may seem out of place on a site about survival, but that’s only if you do not take into account that people are often your best tool for survival or hindrance in survival. The topic of social dynamics is one far over looked by many survival writers that […]

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Review: Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski

November 23, 2011

After a one-year hiatus from studying bushcraft I decided it was time to dive back in. While digging through a few articles on the subject I came across the name Mors Kochanski. It was not a foreign name to me, but I had never read any of his works or watched any of his videos. […]

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Review: The Survival Template

October 5, 2011

 When The Survival Template first arrived on my desk, I was a little put off by what looked like nothing more than a pamphlet. How can a survival book of any worth be so slim? With little faith I began to read and was quickly astonished. The second thing that struck me about The Survival Templatewas […]

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Bikers, Cannibals, and Fornicators! Oh my!

August 31, 2011

Patriots is a novel by Former U.S. Army intelligence officer and lifelong survivalist James Wesley Rawles. The story has existed in various forms and delivery methods since roughly 1995. It is probably one of the top five most discussed books within the Survivalist Community today. It’s by far the most hotly debated book on the […]

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Episode 29: The Wolf and The Sheepdog

August 8, 2011
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Sheepdogs are the men and women that protect us for the worst among us. From their tales we can best learn what violent encounters look and feel like. We can also be assured when they share stories of the best among us – those ordinary civilians that step forward in times of need. Hosts Aaron and […]

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The Urban Homestead Review

June 22, 2011
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The Urban Homestead is hands-down a fantastic book that should be on every Urban Survivalist’s bookshelf or eBook reader. Authored by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, The Urban Homestead is written in a light and conversational tone, with an “it’s easy” attitude that make readers feel like they are getting advice from an old friend. […]

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Review of Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits

June 1, 2011

Many readers call Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits “the best rabbit book ever!”. But, why? Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits is authored by Bob Bennett. Mr. Bennett first became acquainted with rabbits at age 12 when he earned a Boy Scout merit badge for raising them. He has authored six books on the subject of […]

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Life After Terrorism

March 3, 2011
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Life After Terrorism is a well-researched book containing a wealth of information not only on what terrorists may do next, but also what they are unlikely to do next. Before you think this is just a book for survivalists, keep reading. Author Bruce D. Clayton P.h.D. draws you into the world of terrorists and their motives with […]

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Ragnar’s Urban Survival Review

November 9, 2010
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Ragnar’s Urban Survival as an Urban Survival Guide Ragnar Benson’s Urban Survival is a book packed with lots of information, but nearly as many faults. About The Author Ragnar Benson (assumed pen name) is a prolific writer specializing in non-fiction survival topics. He is the author of approximately 37 books (this number may be low) […]

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World War Z Review

October 18, 2010
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Set ten years after Humanity’s victor over the Zombies, World War Z is the story told by a journalist for the U.N. Postwar Commission of the Zombie Apocalypse. The individual chapters are composed of first-person interviews in style of Theodore Judson’s Fitzpatrick’s War. Through the piecemeal stories of survivors, author Max Brooks tells the story […]

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